Once I was dreaming to surround and explore the world, now I don’t imagine a more beautiful dream than to surround your waist in a hot hug and explore your lips!

You entered in my heart with a sweet insanity, that insanity so popular to everyone who truly loved, so what’s left to tell you, what else can I give to you, the one who keeps my heart in his hand and in his look has all my soul? We have each other and I think we two don’t need anything else from this earth, might sound crazy but for me is so obvious how can you become a whole world for someone…

No, there is nothing for me beyond your happiness, neither more important things, neither more wonderful moments, nothing is more beautiful as your love, nothing is more important than your sweet heart. I cant imagine in this life and want something more wonderful and more special than to love and be loved by you!

When a star falls don’t think about it, neither tell your wishes, better turn around to my heart and ask for anything, because only for you my heart is able to even put back on the sky the fallen star.