I see you in my dreams, I gather you in thoughts, I include you in my feelings, I share you in emotions but I never judge you, I don’t reproach you any moment, because all the moments we were given from the day we met, we received and shared them together, hand to hand, we kept all the good things in our arms, we overcame all bad things so in every day we can offer to each other that honest and clean smile that heals completely everything.

We cover our heart with so many faces, faces that we use to hide, faces that are searching, faces that requires, faces that gives, faces that receives, but only near you, my love, I found them all in your eyes, in your special eyes that sees and says everything, the eyes that whisper me “I love you”.

Next to you, my love, I found every corner of my soul, because I feel you don’t forget any piece of me, dear angel, you have in your eyes the paradise where is no dark, you keep me in your arms where unhappiness cant reach.

So many faces cover our hearts, but it doesn’t matter, when you are smiling to me I feel how our love shines boundless in the deepest place, above all!