I am dependent on you and I wait impatiently every day my dose of love injected with kisses. And if you forget to give it to me I start to haunt the streets dreaming of you and smiling by myself, and if in the nights you serve me overdose I will touch the paradise for few moments… Oh God how wonderful is to love you, Charles!

Whenever I look into your eyes I fall in love again and yet seems I see you for the first time. This is you, the miracle from my life, the angel descendent from heaven to get me tired of love.

Of all the things I learned on earth the most important is undoubtedly the fact that I cant live without you. Maybe I cant remember exactly the day I discovered this but the moment remained printed in my mind together with softness and taste of your lips and the vortex from my chest.

Only you can give me those wonderful moments when I don’t know anything anymore except for one thing: I can not live without you!