Listen to your heart…you might not hear anything, because your heart is listening me too in that adorable silence.

Listen to my words…you might not hear anything, because when I say nothing it’s when I speak the most.

Look at me…and don’t say anything, if we love each other I will understand everything.

Kiss me…and don’t talk, don’t listen, don’t think anything, our love is not a story we should keep for children, is the miracle we live from where they will born…

Lets imagine that passed over us a hundred years, we went along through hundred of attempts, we faced death to save us each other, we crossed mountains of suffering holding our hands, we know each others soul as we know our own hands, that your heart gathered all my worries, all my mistakes, all my thoughts and my deeds, that my eyes cares all your dreams and hopes.

I don’t want to wait a lifetime to feel that we are part of each other, let’s imagine now, even if we have so much to discover and learn yet, let’s imagine we spent together a hundred years and we are   spiritually connected as one