A dream for two

You believe that there are unattainable dreams? I feel like all I need to get to them are your arms to lift me up a bit, because any dream is so above where only two pairs of eyes can reach…

I put all my trust in you and I kept only the smile which always will tell you that I follow you, I am not afraid, so is love, a beaten way by happy blind people who understood that no one sees the path of destiny, we only see each other smiling or crying and each one received the great power to wipe a tear…to give a smile.

I love you and the thousands of words and dreams that I will be able to wrap these three words with are only the stars which I put on my sweet sky from your eyes.

Reach your hand and take me anywhere, I am here to love, to cry and to laugh with you, whatever may befall, at the beginning of each smile, at the end of each tear, I will be here with and for you.

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  1. This is beautiful and very touching.

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