You are so beautiful

You are so beautiful uncovered by clothes and covered with kisses, you are so charming quiet and smiling, you are so sweet when you are sleeping, you are so perfect with your sweaty body and scattered when we make love, you are so divine when you kiss, you are so generous when you ask for something, you are so profound when you listen, you are an angel when you speak, you are a baby moon when you come to sleep, you are the daughter of the sun when you wake up. You are everything I dreamed of and everything I could have never dreamed of.

You captured my heart with one look and with a kiss you put fire on it. Then, you made me your slave forever. As barbaric and ruthless you are with me, as happy I am. You are an angel and a battle with you is like struggling with a herd of butterflies. I especially love the way you hunt me with those fire arrows coming from your eyes.

I love you…


  1. you are so charming quiet and smiling, you are so sweet

  2. Thinking of u baby xoxoxo

  3. Love you

  4. You gave me a reason love

  5. want a love letters

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