You are beautiful

You are beautiful as only my heart can imagine you and you are sweet as only my lips have ever tasted once on this Earth. I wish you never run again from my arms, I wish to stay lost in your eyes forever, for they are my window from Earth to paradise. I will tell you a secret – beauty doesn’t come from your shapes, but the way you raise and float over my enchanted eyes, the way you kiss, you are touching, as the whispers are flying away from your sensual lips.

The beauty comes from the drain-less spring well and each time I feel you are near me, as a translucent steam of sensual magic or as a hot ball of burning passion I shudder every time because you are beautiful beyond what my eyes can cover. Wear me in your heart as the sea swings the boat on the waves because I don’t have any sails or oars and only your love carries me through life. I would not make a single step into the world without seeing the light of your eyes guiding me through the light, I would not go anywhere if I wouldn’t knew that I am going to get back to you.

And when I have to go do not forget to send me as reliable sailors two or three kisses and one hot “I love you” to be my heart captain!


  1. Wow wonderful

  2. woww…..gooood

  3. Love it,,,,,, nicely nd written 4 best couples nd true lovers …l……it can fill ton of love btwn u ,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Great love letter. Absolutely wonderful, it saved me from doing a piece of homework.

  5. good

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