You – the one smiling with stars and breathing dreams. You – the one who hides under its genes the twin galaxies of the Milky Way. You, the one hearing my heart beats even from the other part of the universe. You, the magic love who assembled the passion fire between two red lips, you are for me a germ of light with a name, a voice and a look that I planted into my heart to raise it and to stay with it until the end of my life.

Some things are too wonderful to be able to invent words for them, yet God did one miracle for you and gave you a name. Reach your hand and I will put my heart in your palm so each time you will look for your destiny to see there the greatest wealth and happiness from the entire Earth. Your name would be lovely decorated in so many poems, your face might shine fairy painted on so many canvases, but fate gave it to you only for me and at the altar of your heart I want to worship only me.


  1. she is special for me ………….she is hundred of one …………..she is duaghter of sun……..she is my only for me ……….her voice is too much hony………i realy love her……………Bicky

  2. It was an excellent. Good comparison

  3. Lovely..!!

  4. cooooll!!!!!!!!really he is so special for meeeeee

  5. Lovely..!!

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