There is somewhere a wonderful and magic realm, a land enlighten by love, where smiles are priceless treasures and time nestles in hugs, where¬† shivers are snowing and memories breezes are getting stardust over your eyes, where a crystalline river full of hope pervades everything waiting always for you to be carried over by its waves to new places where a hand can break in a moment all the universe nothingness¬† when it reaches to hug the shoulder of the lovely one, telling him ‘I am near you’, where a look can break walls whispering ‘I understand you’, where a word shuddered worlds of thoughts and feelings – ‘I am in love’.

There is a land where gorgeous mountains are thrilling you with their imperfection, covered with forgiveness flowers, where the shaded sky of long shy blinking eye-lashes when you whisper ‘You are wonderful’ and he sends to you kiss ships, where the horizon is always an enchanting sunrise of dreams.
Happiness is a magical and wonderful land… in you. Let it be that life will carry you towards him, let it be that wise thoughts to show you the path, let it be that your heart to gave you a key, let it be that you will be generous and let me into him. Love, your heart beats each second in your chest to open for him.