It is a bright patch of sky somewhere which my hands can touch it, it is a charming paradise corner somewhere which my eyes can see, it is a miracle here on Earth besides many are careless passing, but I called her in my life to hug it in my arms, shivering by her warm and I always whisper “I love you”.
Your smile is my path in life, you may carry me anywhere as long as you don’t let me go from your heart, my happiness has a nest inside her. I wonder how would I reach the happiness with the steps that are carrying me only on Earth, how far I would have gone without your love which forces me to stop, to close my eyes and to follow her in places which I cannot describe using words.

Your love, that overflow of care and tenderness, that bright eyes breeze which caught voice and sense only in my happiness, without you I would have been lost among sand dunes, without you I would have looked careless the sky without ever understanding that I only have to kneel, to close my eyes and to raise a little bit my face … To kiss him.

I love you, my miracle.