My endless sea

I’m watching you inlove and it seems to me I see my reflection in your soul but I know that beyond it’s an ocean too deep to ever embrace and I will have to spend my life crossing it. I love you and I will do it for ever, I will always cross you with a crazy longing to get as far away posible in your soul, I always keep my passion sails stretched so you storm me kisses in them, to break the waves of your clothes fabric over the body with my palms prow, to stuck them in your breasts and gaze at the horizon seagulls of your smiles calling naughtily “come, come, here is a magical realm only for you, come and discover it” .. .
What beautiful world where you step with kisses, where you breathe love and eyes are arms that grow heavy with treasures until they breaks into tears; what a world, what beautiful sea are you, what magic you give to my sands…
my endless sea love letter for her romantic


  1. nice one

  2. Wow, so deep, my lover will enjoy this beautiful love letter!

  3. Most wonderful

  4. Chad I love you with every single inch of my being and known that you feel the same way about me makes me the happinesst person babe you make me laugh with your silly ways you are such a charmer and a real sweetheart and their is nothing in the world that I wouldn’t do for you love I can’t believe that we have being through so much together and we still have this feelings and emotions for one other handsome you make my skip a beat big time

  5. very nice & good letter available here.please send me lover letter on my mail.

  6. Very beautiful love letters…pls email romantic ones for me please

  7. I find it sweeter to share with my sweetheart. I love this, such a romantic.

  8. You made me love in a hopeless world

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