My beautiful

You’re beautiful as the summer flowers are, you float into my way as a breeze and you sprinkle my soul with thousand petals. As the shiny sky your beauty is, you wrap me with your eyes in thousand little clouds. You are beautiful as the fairies are in stories and you are able to fulfil any desire. I came to you only with one – love me! You are beautiful like the rain, you start to refresh what you wrap, and you stop in order to fire what you reveal.

You are beautiful as the sun is, you rise every morning to shine the world with your smile, and you decline in every evening so you can cover it with your kisses. You are beautiful as the sea, always soar to embrace, always retreat so that kisses can chase you … You are beautiful as the wind is, you awe the world even with the most misunderstood whispers. You are beautiful as the mountains are, molten in sea and by mystery wrapped, your conquerors fly away in ecstasy and the lost losers die on your paths. You are beautiful like the diamonds, thousand faces creating the perfect image for the one who knows how to carry her.

You are beautiful like the starry sky, who has you feels that he controls the whole universe without taking anything from anyone. Beautiful you are and the words describing you are only to deceive because in my heart you stop gathering from matter, but you miraculously born of incomprehensible mysteries. I can paint you, I can sing you, I can write you, but nothing can fill my heart with you, for love is a soul dance made never to be ended, an eternal overflowing from one to each other.

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