Sweet is your mouth, it is nectar for my hungry heart, bright are your eyes, lights for my lost soul, charming is your voice, balm for my tired mind. If all women would be like you there would be no sadness in the world. I found boundless happiness in your heart, I found the ultimate beauty in your eyes, I found complete silence at your chest, I found complete fulfilment on your lips. How small can the world get when you love someone as much as I do… In the evenings when I come to you it seems that I get out from the little box of my world so that I can merge into galaxies.

Listen to your heart. You might hear nothing, because she listens quietly also worshiping me… Listen to my thoughts. You might hear nothing, because when I am telling you the most words I don’t make any noise. Look at me and don’t tell me anything, if you love me I will understand everything. Kiss me, do not talk, do not listen, do not think, our love is not a story which has to be saved for the kids, it is the miracle we live from which they will be born.

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  1. stoopp!!!
    stop discribing stop it it not write you always scraibing evrything
    say how much you love what would you do without her
    say only things like her you dont start discribing her when you
    started new sentense first say hpw much you love her
    how much you miss her and then you mey start dicribing her

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