Do not lean your smile to my crying heart because I cannot get up, I wish to always stay like now in your face, you are for me the icon of an angel, you, the one who gets me up to the moon and I feel that I still have more to fly until there. You, the one who untie from my heart words which I never thought they will see the light of love.

I pray. I pray to be the sun your cold needs, I pray to be the storm your heat calls, I pray to be the moments that your destiny is looking for, I pray to be the chest on which your heart lies. I filled my heart with nails so you can hang inside her anywhere you wish, you angel icon, from my earthly nostalgia I can only mash you altars, but only you will decide if you will save me in you.

Outside rain comes along tears to my cheeks and I am waiting for you dreaming to the windows and in my heart a song easily arrives whispering a poetry and your memory starts to waltz into my soul. Oh, how my happiness is counted in steps going away or approaching to me, I am crazy to love you like this but crazier the world would look to me without this love. Still, spread your smile to me…

I want to drag you near me, to taste my sweet madness. It is deliriously delicious.